Band Instructor

Annette Torres

I am originally from central New Jersey but have been a South Carolina band director for over 20 years. I graduated with a bachelor’s of science in instrumental music education from West Chester University of PA.  During my time at Ebenezer, I have been the recipient of grants for student music supplies totaling well over $35,000. I work to become a master acrylic artist in my spare time, and two of my paintings can be seen hanging on our main office walls. I also enjoy gardening and is currently beginning studies while on a full scholarship to the Chestnut School of Herbal Medicine. When I am not creating music, art, or homeopathic remedies, I enjoy the company of my Persian cat named Commander Claymore and teach him how to perform tricks like a pet dog would do.

Choir Instructor

Brandon Graves

My name is Brandon Graves, and I have the pleasure of teaching Chorus at both Ebenezer and Hillcrest Middle Schools. I start my day at Hillcrest where I teach 2 classes of Chorus and 1 class of Health. I then end the day at Ebenezer where I teach 2 classes of Chorus. In addition to my teaching time, I am also the assistant for both Boys Basketball and the Track Teams. My time outside of teaching young minds is spent on a variety of activities including hiking, reading, running, and eating to name a few.