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Important Chromebook Information For School Year – 2022-23

– All students will be responsible for an assigned Chromebook (like a textbook).

– There is no contract required at this time.

– There is no technology fee due this school year.

– Students will maintain possession of the Chromebook while enrolled in the district

– Students will be required to return Chromebook upon withdrawal or graduation from the district, or the student is instructed to do so by a school or district official.  – – All Chromebooks remain the property of Sumter County School District. (Sumter School District reserves the right to modify this program or its terms at any time.)

– Any damage is to be reported immediately to Ms. Wolfe –

– Chromebooks needing repair must be turned in with the assigned charger.

– Please see the attached Chromebook Replacement Costs concerning lost or deliberately damaged Chromebooks, lost chargers, and screen replacements.

Please note that students must use school-assigned Chromebooks to access their virtual classes and classwork/homework.

Students may not use personal Chromebooks or laptops at school and may not utilize the School/District network/wifi with personal technology due to Federal CIPA (Children’s Internet Protection Act) laws/regulations.


Student Acceptable Use and Internet Safety Agreements should be completed and turned in by October 15th with a parent/guardian signature.   Please read the Student Acceptable Use and Internet Safety Policy before signing.  Once the agreement is signed return it to Ebenezer Middle School or email a signed copy to

Student AUP

Student AUP Agreement

Internet Safety Is Essential

 Here are some tips to help keep your child safe on the internet:

  1.  Keep your computer in a high traffic area that is available to everyone in the house.
  2.  Discuss rules for using the internet with your child and why these rules are in place.
  3.  Go to websites together so that you know what sites your child is visiting (Our school site has some wonderful educational sites).
  4.  Talk with your child about never sharing personal information.  Remind your child that they do not always know who is on the site and they should never give out their name, address, birthdate, or phone number to anyone.
  5. Cyberbullying – If your child is a victim of cyberbullying please do the following:
    1. Explain to your child to NEVER respond to texts or emails that are bullying in nature.
    2. Print, copy, or make a screenshot of all evidence of cyberbullying.  Please note the day and time that it was received.
    3. Block the sender of any emails.
    4.  Contact your internet service provider to ask them to remove any webpage that is meant to hurt your child.

View the following site for more tips:

How can my child get a district-issued Chromebook?
• Sumter School District’s One-to-Global initiative provides a technology device for each student in grades kindergarten through twelfth grade.
• Students and parents without a district-issued Chromebook may check one out during scheduled dates at their child’s home school.
• A students who is new to the district will be notified when his/her district-issued Chromebook is ready for pickup.
• Students who are having issues with technology will be provided with avenues to contact the school media specialist or Chromebook manager for technical support. This will include issues with internet, applications, software, and technology tools.
• If you are in need of additional technology support, click here to complete an IT Support Request. A systems technician will reach out immediately from 8 AM to 4 PM Monday through Friday.

How do I obtain access to Wi-Fi?

At this time, Wi-Fi is no longer provided by the district. However, attached is a list of Wi-Fi Hotspots around town that are free and available for access.


Wifi Hotspots

Wi-Fi Hotspot Location Wi-Fi Hotspot Address Wi-Fi Hotspot Location Contact Information






101 N. Lafayette Blvd

1060 Broad Street

360 Pinewood Rd

Walmart Supercenter

5650 Broad St






Kobe Japanese Steakhouse 1121 Broad St Ste 13 803-418-0888
Buffalo Wild Wings 2625 Broad St 803-469-7400
Walmart Supercenter 1283 Broad St 803-905-5500
Walmart Neighborhood Market  343 Pinewood Rd 803-305-6238
NHC Sumter 1018 N Guignard Dr 803-773-5567
Scott Will Collision 1360 Wilson Hall Rd 803-905-3414



1020 Broad St

1701 Highway 15 S



Prisma Health Tuomey 129 N Washington St 803-774-9000
Lowe’s 1251 Broad St 803-905-2650
America’s Best Value Inn & Suites (Formerly Days Inn) 2430 Broad St 803-469-8400
Hardee’s 493 N Guignard Dr 803-775-7494
Elmore-Cannon-Stephens Funeral Home 515 Miller Rd 803-775-7500
The Children’s Place (Sumter Mall) 1057 Broad St 803-775-1657
J O’Grady’s 5 S Main St 803-938-5699
Subway 9 E Liberty St 803-775-4924
Angel’s Mexican Restaurant 246 S Pike W 803-778-9770
Susie’s Chicken and Fries Restaurant 303 Manning Ave 803-848-4032
Red Lobster 1034 Broad St 803-773-6323
Books-A-Million (Sumter Mall) 1057 Broad St, Ste 8 803-773-1091
Jehovah Missionary Baptist Church 805 S Harvin St 803-775-4032
Alice Drive Baptist Church 1305 Loring Mill Rd 803-905-5200
Love Covenant Church 245 Oswego Hwy, Sumter, SC 29150 803- 775-7605
Goodwill of Sumter 1028 Broad St, Sumter, SC 29150 843-790-8585
Trinity Ranch and Sanctuary in the Shiloh Community
Everyday Heating Cooling Appliance 1776 Peach Orchard Rd, Sumter, SC 29154 803-807-7992

Chromebook Troubleshooting Tips and Rules

Google Tutorials for Parents and Students

Parents Guide to Schoology

Students Guide to Schoology

Learn to Use a Chromebook Guide

Chromebook Powerwashing Instructions

Parent Resources for Virtual Learning

Student’s Chromebooks do not connect to the school Wi-Fi unless they are on campus.  When a student is working from home Wi-Fi issues are directly related to the Wi-Fi service and/or the provider.  Please contact your provider if your student’s Chromebook keeps getting kicked off the Internet or the spinner icon is constantly spinning on the screen.  When troubleshooting one suggestion would be to ensure that other devices (smart TVs, tablets, etc.) are not accessing the Wi-Fi at the same time and if they are to turn them off so that only the Chromebook is using the Wi-Fi.