Please help your student be prepared each day.
*Have them charge their Chromebook each night and bring it to school each morning.
*Label their charger with their name or the serial number.
*Purchase a charger if theirs is lost. The school sells them for $40 cash or check.
*Damaged Chromebooks or chargers need to be turned in to the school to be repaired by a Dell representative. Students will be issued another device.
Chromebook Replacement Costs – Here are the Sumter School District Chromebook Fees. Please note that if your child breaks their Chromebook two or more times in a school year, they will be charged the appropriate fees. If a Chromebook is lost or completely damaged beyond repair, the replacement cost of the Chromebook will be charged.
CHROMEBOOK USE AND CARE (1) – Here are some tips for care of the chromebook. Please help us by talking with your child about taking care of their chromebooks and using them appropriately.