Parent Portal

Our district uses PowerSchool to maintain student grades and attendance records.  Parents can access their student’s grades and attendance through a secure Internet connection by using the Parent Portal.  If you already have a login, click the link above to sign in.  If you do not have one and would like access to this information, please follow the steps below. If you need assistance, you may stop by or call the Guidance Office at (803)469-8571 ext. 200.

Create a Parent Account

A parent/guardian account allows you to view the information for one or more students with a single sign in. You can also manage your personal account preferences.

To create a parent/guardian account, enter the following information:

  • Name – Parent/Guardian’s first and last name
  • Email – Parent/Guardian’s personal email. If you do not have a personal email account, you will need to set one up before you can complete your parent portal registration. Student notifications and correspondence related to your parent/guardian account will be sent to this email.
  • Desired Username – The Parent/Guardian will need to create a username for logging onto the parent portal.
  • Password – The Parent/Guardian will need to create a password which must be at least 6 characters long.
  • Student Access Information – The student information which includes the ACCESS ID and ACCESS PASSWORD must be obtained by contacting the Guidance Office at (803)469-8571 ext. 200 or by email at

Parent Portal Informational Video