Welcome to Sumter, South Carolina!

State law mandates that children ages five to seventeen must be in school. Parents who choose not to send their child to a public or private school must sign a waiver to that effect. Waiver forms are available at the district administrative office. Parents who plan to enroll their child in any grade are asked to do so as soon as possible. School offices are open year-round for registration.

Upon registration, parents are required to provide school personnel with the child’s official birth certificate, proof of residence, and immunization records. Parents of children transferring from another school district are encouraged to bring the child’s latest report card.

Students new to Sumter School District must complete SC Immunization Form DHEC 2740. A child cannot be admitted to any school or child development program without a valid SC Certificate of Immunization or a medical, religious, or special exemption. For details, contact the Health Department or your physician. According to state law, if your child is transferring from an out-of-state school, his/her health certificate information must be on a South Carolina form. Out-of-state certificates may be taken to a doctor or clinic in South Carolina to inquire what previous information can be transferred to the South Carolina form.

Student Registration and Enrollment Form

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